Cable Blaster USB

Wireless USB interface for any USB or RS232 serial electronic devices.

The Cable Blaster USB is a 4-port wireless USB hub allowing you to simultaneously connect up to 4 on-board electronic devices remotely over a wireless connection. There are no complicated setup procedures required. Simply mount the Cable Blaster USB in the vehicle, connect a power source, and plug in up to 4 devices such as digital ignitions, EFI systems, and data loggers. Your laptop connects to the Cable Blaster USB using a normal WiFi connection. The WiFi connection is secure, so there is no chance of tampering.

No more climbing into tight places with a laptop and short USB cord, or accidentally breaking delicate micro USB connectors. With the Cable Blaster USB, tune and upload programs from the comfort of your trailer!

Available in both single-port and 4-port versions.

Verified Compatability

While ANY device should be compatible with the Cable Blaster, the devices listed below are verified to work:

EFI - F.A.S.T. XFI Series
EFI - FuelTech
EFI - Holley Dominator
Ignition - MSD Grid
Datalogger - Racepack V300
All RS-232 (Serial) devices (using compatible adapter)

Software and Documentation

Available from these distributors